Check Engine Light

Everything You Need To Know About Check Engine Light Diagnosis, Service & Repair In Grasonville.

One of the most confusing lights on your dashboard cluster is “The Check Engine Light”. When that light turns on it does not give you any real idea of what’s happening.

It’s as if you got a letter in the mail from your doctor saying, you’re sick. It could be anything… just wanted to let you know. Yep, it’s that vague and frustrating because it causes us so much worry!

So first take a deep breath, yes it’s true it could be something big like an expensive catalytic converter replacement or it could be something as simple as a loose gas cap. The great news is it’s much more likely to be a loose gas cap.

So first thing screw on that gas cap and turn your car on and off a few times and see if that fixes the problem.

If you don’t want to do the gas cap check, and want us to check it out. Give us a call, we will set up a time for you to come in.

What Your Check Engine Light Truly Means:

Ok, let’s get a little geeky. The check engine light is part of the onboard diagnostics or OBD-II system and every problem it detects basically means something is wrong with the emissions system.

Yep, I know it seems goofy, why does a check engine light diagnostic computer only monitor your emissions system? Well first, it’s better for the environment to have every car running cleaner, so every car has a computer for that purpose.

Second, most issues with your engine will show up in the emissions system.

As an example

Let’s say a hose that carries fuel to your engine has a leak. Well the onboard diagnostics will say hmmm… it looks like the engine is not getting enough fuel, which affects the emissions system. So it will turn on the check engine light and present a code that says.

“Your engine is not getting enough fuel”

It is very common to think that if the computer displays a code it’s telling us exactly what’s wrong with the car. Like replace this part.

However, the computer is not that smart yet. In this example it can’t tell why there is not enough fuel getting to the engine, only that the computer in the engine is reading. “NOT ENOUGH FUEL.”

Why Have An Experienced ASE Mechanic Diagnose Your Vehicle?

This is where an experienced ASE certified mechanic & auto shop comes in. You see if we get a code that says. “Your engine is not getting enough fuel” between our software and experience we know there are probably 30 reasons why that problem is happening.

To check all of those issues that could be 10 hours of diagnosis time, however because of our experience and software, we know out of those 30 reasons typically it’s one of the top 5. We will and check those first, and in most cases, find the actual problem.

This is why taking your car to a professional who can diagnose your car correctly and as efficiently as possible the first time is the best solution possible.

Beware of free diagnosis from a parts store.

At our shop we DO NOT scare you with what could possibly happen if you don’t get a repair, only inform you of the facts. We treat our customers like family. If you had some information that would help your sister or brother you would share it. That is how we work which is why we have so many reviews and have happy clients who come back for decades.

We have seen other shops and part stores who pull a code for free, and then instead of investigating the top 5-30 issues just choose the number 1 most common problem. They charge you for the part and labor to fix that issue then send you on your way.  In many of these instances you find out later that the issue is still there.

Even though there is a parts and warranty guarantee by the repair shop or parts store who performed the service, that doesn’t mean they guaranteed they will fix your current issue so you are out the money and time you paid to replace a part that didn’t fix your issue.  From our experience in the industry we see this happen time and time again and want to save you time and money by helping you avoid it.

How Long Can I Ignore My Check Engine Light?

If your Check Engine Light Is steady and NOT blinking.

Bring it in in the next few days when you have some time. It may be something simple that is an easy fix. If it turns out to be serious, the sooner you know the better. Together we can come up with a game plan of when it needs to be repaired by so you can plan it into your life and budget.

If the indicator is blinking, the situation is usually serious.

When the indicator light is blinking it’s really trying to get your attention because the problem could be hurting your engine, which could cause additional expensive repairs. To be safe we would advise you to pull over and give us a call. Tell us anything you heard, felt or could smell. Then we can advise you your best course of action. If you didn’t feel, hear or smell anything, we probably will say you can drive it in, but the call and advice is free.  So to be safe, please call.

Most Common Reasons For Your Check Engine Light To Be On:

  •         Loose or Damaged Gas Cap
  •         Faulty Oxygen Sensor
  •         Failing Catalytic Converter
  •         Faulty Mass Air Flow Sensor
  •         Bad Spark Plug & Wires

What To Expect When You Schedule A Check Engine Light Diagnosis Appointment:

Give us a call and schedule a time to come in, we appreciate you choosing us and are eager to help.

When you come in we will fill out some basic paperwork, then head out to your vehicles and plug in our scan tool to find out what code is causing your check engine light to turn on.

If it turns out to be a loose gas cap or wire that got unplugged for some reason. We will take care of it and send you on your way without charging you a dime.

After that we will give you an idea of what the top reasons for that code are, what the diagnostic procedure is for that code, as well as the investment for us to further investigate.

If all sounds good we normally ask you to leave the car so we can spend a good amount of time on it to be sure we find the correct issue. Then we will call you, report our findings and discuss the repairs that need to be done.

Why Choose Chester River Automotive’s Auto Repair Services To Diagnose Your Vehicle?

We know that the best thing we can do for every client that comes through our doors is put a smile on their face and keep more money in their pocket.

They can see we’re truly different. They will recommend us to their friends, family, and everyone they know. Making this a true win-win for all. That is how we want to be known and work hard every day to be the trusted, friendly auto repair shop that treats you like family.

If you have any questions or want to have your Check Engine Light Diagnosed, give us a call or Click Here to Schedule An Appointment!