ABS & SRS Diagnostics

Here at Chester River Automotive, we use the most advanced diagnostic tools to determine what your vehicle needs for repairs and that all repairs are completed correctly. These tools identify all ABS or SRS codes necessary to diagnose any vehicle problems. These codes can be read in all types of vehicles including Toyotas, Nissans, Hyundai’s, etc.

ABS and SRS diagnostic tools enable us to record and make data available on the condition of most any car. We use these tools on your car to verify if repairs have been previously completed. The internal data automatically updates itself every 30 seconds while your vehicle is operating. We use this data to determine if there are more repairs required.

These scanners have regular software updates to make sure that we are using the latest technology to care for your vehicle. This enables us to have the most current computer readers. In this case when you bring your car for repair we will be using the latest technology, which is an added advantage to you.

Chester River stands behind its work.  If you experience any issues bring it back. We answer all your questions accordingly to ensure you are satisfied by all means possible. After we diagnose your vehicle we are able to print and manage the repair reports that we get from your vehicle. This information helps us track the progress of your vehicle repair and ensures that you are satisfied with our services.

One of the main reason we use ABS and SRS diagnostics is that it will save time helping us to determine the repairs required for your car.  The codes give us direction on where to start repairing your vehicle.  All our service technicians are ASE certified and have been trained in the correct repairs for your vehicle. We also get repair solutions, trouble definitions and full diagnostic reports. You are guaranteed that when you come to our shop we will fulfill all your repair needs.