A/C Repair

How does your vehicle air condition system really work?

Your vehicle uses several components to exchange the warm air circulating under your hood for the cool air rushing through your vents. Although any one of those components can give out, the vast majority of AC repairs can be traced to either the compressor or air conditioner belt. Since these are the two hardest working components, it only makes sense that they would be more susceptible to damage.

While symptoms of a failed AC system are often easy to detect, repairs not only require specialized equipment but those done improperly could lead to catastrophic damage.
When an AC compressor fails, loss of lubricant is a likely culprit. Like other mechanical parts, it requires constant lubrication in order to work properly. Any leaks, due to damaged seals and valves, can result in dangerous consequences. Skilled mechanics use applications, like dye and electronic detectors to check for leaks, and if they are discovered early enough, the system can be repaired without replacing the compressor.

If the AC belt requires maintenance, it usually makes that high-pitched squealing noise most car owners are familiar with and could be the result of a number of issues. Belts that are worn or contaminated with dirt or oil will need to be addressed as soon as possible. If the belt is misaligned or at an incorrect tension, a quick adjustment by your local Grasonville, MD mechanic should resolve the issue. Neglecting AC repair for long periods of time can ruin your engine.